Harmoney Deicing’s Winter Sentry Salt Brine is a 23% Sodium Chloride Brine that provides superior melting power. Ready to use as a liquid, this is one of our most cost-effective brine options.

Designed to be ready for use with anti-icing and deicing liquids, our Winter Sentry Salt Brine is ideal for direct application to paved areas. With a freeze point of -6°F, it is suitable for fighting snow and ice in any conditions. 


Property Characteristics

Appearance: Clear
Freeze Point: -6°F
Specific Gravity: 1.18 +/- .02
Weight: 10.2 – 10.5 lbs/gal
pH: 7-9
Water Miscibility: Complete





• Cost effective
• Easy to store
• Reduces the number of applications
• Reduces quantity used
• Prevents ice and snow adhesion, making removal easier
• Eco-friendly
• Less corrosive
• Reduces bounce and scatter



• Apply initially at 15-30 gallons per lane mile
• Apply when pavement temperatures are at or below 32°F
• Straight stream nozzles

Benefits for anti-icing applications include:

• Prevents snow and ice from bonding to the pavement, allowing for easier removal
• Lowers maintenance cost by reducing the amount of applications and quantities needed
• Freeze point to -6°F


• Apply initially at 45-80 gallons per lane mile, depending on accumulation, adjusting the amount as needed to meet local conditions
• Apply using stream nozzles
• Allow to penetrate the accumulation of snow/ice, then remove as usual

Benefits for deicing applications include: 

• Eats through hard-pack conditions when spread along the pavement
• Breaks the bond between the pavement and snow/ice, allowing for easier removal


• Apply at 5-10 gallons per ton of salt at the spinner
• Adjust amount as needed to meet local conditions

Benefits for pre-wetting applications include:

• The blend enhances the de-icing performance of the dry salt
• Creates a “hot load” accelerating the melting process
• Reduces bounce and scatter losses by 4%
• Uses less salt and achieves the same results

Note: All suggested usage levels should be considered as starting points and adjusted based on operator experience to meet local conditions, such as current air temperature, precipitation, and traffic volume. 


Custom Winter Sentry blends are available upon request.
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