Harmoney Deicing’s Winter Sentry Corrosion Inhibitor is a patented, all-natural organic polymer derived from renewable resources—so it’s good for nature and our environment! This additive features versatile ice-control performance. Ready to use as-is for pre-wetting and stock-pile treatment, it can also be blended with other chlorides. When mixed with traditional brines, Winter Sentry Corrosion Inhibitor lowers the freeze point and reduces the corrosive properties of chlorides by 90%, while creating an unmatched multi-day residual. 

When used to treat rock salt, our Corrosion Inhibitor will reduce salt usage by 30%. Approved by the Pacific Northwest Snow Fighters Association, this product is safer for the environment due to the lack of systemic insecticides found in corn- and sugar beet-based products. These neonics can be damaging to pollinating insects. 


Property Characteristics

Appearance: Brown
Dry Solids: 45-55%
Specific Gravity: 1.25
Weight: 10.5 lbs/gal
pH: 4.5
Water Miscibility: Complete






• Lowers freezing points of chlorides
• Reduces the number of applications
• Reduces quantity used
• Prevents ice and snow adhesion, making removal easier
• Eco-friendly
• Less corrosive
• Reduces bounce and scatter



• Pre-wetting
• Anti-icing/Deicing when blended with chlorides
• Treatment to rock salt

Custom Winter Sentry Blends are available upon request. Contact us to learn more.