Winter Sentry Affordable Liquid Deicing Blends

Winter brings falling temperatures plus snow and ice, which can create dangerous conditions to road surfaces throughout the country.

Harmoney Deicing’s Winter Sentry liquid deicing blends allow snow fighters to attack winter head on while being easy on the budget. Our blends eliminate the need for blending stations and multiple storage tanks.

Winter sentry pro:

A simple blend of salt brine and calcium chloride providing melting power to 0 to -10°F. A simple ready-to-use liquid designed for all snowfighters. Ideal for anti-icing, deicing, and pre-wetting rock salt.

Winter Sentry Pro BL:

Our simple salt brine calcium chloride blend with corrosion protection from our EcoProtech inhibitor reduces corrosion by 70% while still providing a budget-friendly anti-icing/deicing liquid.

Winter Sentry Extreme:

The power of Headwaters Hot combined with our salt brine creates Winter Sentry Extreme, a ready-to-use blend that will disrupt the bonding of snow and ice to the road surface. Our blend is ideal for the chloride consensus snow fighters looking to reduce their chloride footprint but not sacrificing performance. This ready-to-use blend works to 0°F while reducing corrosion by 70%. Ideal for any snow fighter performing anti-icing and deicing operations.

Note: All suggested usage levels should be considered as starting points and adjusted based on operator experience to meet local conditions, such as current air temperature, precipitation, and traffic volume. 


Custom Winter Sentry blends are available upon request.
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