Liquid Potassium Acetate

Liquid Potassium Acetate is a liquid aid in breaking the bond of the ice/snow to the surface. It meets FAA approved specification SAE AMS 1435C.

Property Characteristics

Active ingredients: 50%
pH: 9-11
Specific gravity: 1.282
Pounds per gallon: 10.65
Appearance: clear, blue liquid
Odor: Mild
Water Miscibility: Complete
Freezing point: -72°F
BOD: (5-Day) g/g 0.25
COD: g/g 0.35





• Improved corrosion inhibition
• Improved wetting & spreading
• Rapid drying time
• Environmentally friendly

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Pre-treatment prior to the start of any icing event is the most efficient use of liquid potassium acetate. The rate of application is approximately 0.5 gallons per 1,000 ft2. 


Liquid potassium acetate can be used as an effective deicer when allowed to penetrate the pavement surface to break the bond of ice and snow. The amount of fluid required depends on outside temperatures as well as the thickness of the ice film. A recommended application rate of 1.0 gallon per 1,000 ft2 for thin ice and 3.0 gallons per 1,000fit2 for ice up to an inch thick.

Sodium Formate

This powerful and ecologic de-icing product is designed to maintain adequate friction between aircraft tires on the runway. Able to melt ice and snow faster than urea and sodium acetate, sodium formate is effective at lower temperatures. It has lower use rates compared to urea and sodium acetate. Approved according to AMS1431 specifications by SMI USA.


Appearance: white irregular granules
Purity: 98.5% Min.
Corrosion Inhibitor: 2% Max.
pH: 8-11
Moisture: 1% Max.
Granular size: 2-6 mm
Specific gravity kg/m3: 900-950
Bulk density kg/L: 0.9-0.95
Miscibility with water: 81g pr 100 ml at 68°F

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