Of course we have rock salt!  From our docks to your bin, we have you covered.

   Natural Rock Salt Blend


Bulk Rock Salt

Good old fashioned ASTM grade rock salt—a product mined in the US, not imported from overseas. It's the backbone ice melt in every snow commander's arsenal, with melting properties to 10°F and moisture content at 3% or less. No gimmicks here, it's just rock salt. The difference with Harmoney Deicing is our outstanding logistical support that does not keep you waiting. Throw in a dash of liquid calcium with a pre-wet system, and now you're melting down to -10°F. 



Natural Rock salt Blend

Looking for something different? This natural blend of rock salt contains sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium, and potassium chloride, creating a melting temperature down to 0°F. Don't worry about piles freezing up, since it has a moisture content of always less than 1.5%. This blend is great as-is or blended with regular rock salt.  This natural dry blend is the closest your going to get to a treated product. Throw this natural rock salt into your tool box with a touch of a Harmoney custom liquid blend, and now you're melting snow!


   Harmoney Treated Rock Salt
   Rock Salt

Treated rock Salt

No fancy sales pitch here. We have taken ASTM rock salt and treated it with a blend of liquid calcium brine to take advantage of its hydroscopic properties, allowing it to draw in moisture in lower temperatures or low dew point nights. A touch of our Harmoney beet keeps it free flowing on those nights when your Carharts are frozen stiff.  Plus just a splash of a corrosion inhibitor to keep your equipment going for another season. With our corrosion inhibitor, we can adjust our liquid blend to reduce corrosion not just on your equipment, but on the road way infrastructure, reducing corrosion on roadways and parking lots. Our blend also reduces your salt footprint by using 30% less rock salt.  That means more green to the bottom line!