Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine for Winter Use: What is brine?

Liquid calcium chloride brine is a natural liquid chloride located underground  in parts of the country where vast amounts of sodium chloride are located.  The brine is pumped to the surface and stored in above ground tanks or open air storage ponds.  Based on your location the brine typically consist of calcium, sodium, and magnesium.  Here in the Midwest we see a brine with a higher percentage of calcium then magnesium containing small amounts of sodium chloride.  This raw liquid is the liquid which Oxy Chemicals dehydrates and removes the impurities to produce a pure/clean 28-42% liquid calcium chloride and dry deicer. 

Natural calcium chloride brine is a great product for prewetting and deicing.  It can be used for anti-icing but additional training/skill will be required since calcium produces a quick melt and can quickly refreeze.

There are a good deal of natural calcium brine products on the market straight from the well and blended with "sugar beet juice" products.  When reviewing any product, be sure to ask for the chloride content, PH, and specific gravity so you can compare apples to apples.  

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