Harmoney Deicing Products is now carrying the GVM Snow Equipment line of liquid and snow equipment. 


Salt Brine equipment

Simple and easy. That's how these brine makers work. They are made of heavy duty polyethylene construction and are resistant to chemical and UV rays. A stainless steel divider separates the mixing hopper and the pump intake of the finished product. The 115-inch wide hopper opening works with a skid or wheel loader. Offering easy roll over for clean out, each brine maker comes with a mixing hopper, pumps, hoses, storage tank, and a digital reflectamotro to measure the salt brine solution.  We offer two units:

ABS-800: 800 gallon storage tank, 2.5 ydhopper, single speed pump at 110 GPM, portable

ABS-1500: 1500 gallon storage tank, 5 cy hopper, 2 speed pump 40 GPM-130GPM

Both units come with a storage box for the pump and on-site training. Prices range from $8,000 to $15,000.


Anti Icing/Deicing Equipment

Single or three lane, pick up truck to ATV, we have the liquid application equipment to fit your needs. The EZ Load and Swap Units have tank capacity from 925 to 1800 gallons, galvanized steel frames, and 1,2 or 3 lane coverage. Hydraulic driven pump, on/off in cab controller standard on all units, plus several options and upgrades to fit your needs, including ground speed sensors.

Our smaller units are built with 125 to 725 gallon units, Honda gas engines, on/off in cab controller and a range of boom sizes to fit your needs, plus add a hose real for sidewalk applications. Prices for the units range from $5,000 to $18,000.  Solid long lasting equipment that will outlast the competition. 


PreWet systems

These systems are a staple with local and state highway department trucks. We offer hydraulic/electric based systems that tie into the spreader's auger, along with ground speed sensors that do all the work for you to a simple on/off in cab switch. The liquid tanks can be frame, chassis, V-box, or tailgate mounted. Tank sizes range from 30 to 225 based on the mounting system you select. The units range from $3,500 to $10,000. 


Don't forget we carry other snow equipment besides spray units and brine makers. Harmoney Deicing can supply you with storage tanks and fill stations. Our controller selections can be used with any spray unit on the market. Need to increase productivity on sidewalk application? Try the EZ Rider, which allows you to spread granular or spray liquid. The EZ Rider can also double as a fertilizer/weed control unit in the summer months. But if you need to move some serious snow, we still have you covered with the Power Platform. A 4 wheel drive chasis that offers a 3 point hitch in the front for mounting snow plows, box plows, and snow throwers. The unit can be customized to carry a V-box, spray tank, or dump body.  The Power Platform is fantastic for airport service, municipal use, and for the snow professional looking to get an edge on the competition. Need help finding an equipment option that best suits your needs?