Top Environmentally Friendly Snow and Ice Removal Products Supplier in Illinois

Harmoney Deicing Offers Green Deicing Solutions to Illinois Companies

In an effort to reduce the sodium footprint of snow removal contractors in the state of Illinois, Harmoney Deicing in St. Charles is dedicated to supplying the safest and most effective salt brines and liquid deicers to our customers in Illinois. The benefits of using green snow removal solutions are many, and include lower costs, reduced corrosion damage to roadways and equipment, and reduced sodium chloride runoff into water sources. Also, as a benefit to insect populations, our corrosion inhibitors reduce the amount of systemic insecticides found in beet- and corn-based inhibitors—preventing harm to beneficial insects and Monarch butterflies.

If you are looking for Geomelt 55 or similar products for your Illinois snow removal operation, consider Harmoney Deicing’s line of environmentally friendly products, including:

Winter Sentry Salt Brine: A ready-to-use, affordable liquid deicer, this is a 23% sodium chloride brine with excellent melting power. Ideal for use with anti-icing and deicing liquids for your Illinois snow removal program. Learn more. LINK TO PRODUCT PAGE

Winter Sentry Calcium Chloride Brine: A ready-to-use liquid deicer with superior melting power, this is a natural blend of calcium, sodium, and magnesium chloride. Ideal for hard-pack conditions on pavement, it breaks the bond between the pavement and snow/ice. Use Winter Sentry Calcium Chloride Brine to fight ice and snow in any condition in Illinois winters. Learn more. LINK TO PRODUCT PAGE

Winter Sentry Corrosion Inhibitor: An all-natural organic polymer derived from renewable resources, our Corrosion Inhibitor can be used for pre-wetting and stock-pile treatment, as well blended with other chlorides. If you are an Illinois snow removal contractor looking to reduce the corrosive properties of your chlorides, this is the solution: It offers a reduction of 90%, creates an unmatched residual, and is good for the environment! Learn more. LINK TO PRODUCT PAGE

“Our environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor and liquid deicing solutions have been helping Illinois snow removal contractors more effectively do their jobs for many years,” says Chris Molloy, owner of Harmoney Deicing. “Being able to offer products with superior melting power at a reasonable price that are safe for the environment is our mission at Harmoney Deicing.”

Serving the needs of Illinois private snow removal contractors and government agencies, Harmoney Deicing works with customers in Chicago, New Lenox, Plainfield, Niles, Wheaton, Mount Prospect and beyond. Contact us today for help with your snow removal needs.