Harmoney Deicing Is Dedicated to Supplying Environmentally Friendly Snow Removal Products

At Harmoney Deicing—Illinois top snow removal products and liquid deicing supplier—our goal is to create programs and offer supplies that will help reduce a snow fighter’s sodium foot print. A combination of liquids and rock salt will reduce one’s overall sodium usage, reducing product cost and corrosion damage to equipment and roadway infrastructure. In addition, this more environmentally friendly approach to snow removal results in less sodium chloride runoff into water ways, which is a greener alternative to traditional snow removal products.
Our corrosion inhibitors are low in biodegradable, non-toxic, and reduce the amount of systemic insecticides that are found in beet- and corn-based inhibitors. These systemic insecticides cause the decimation of our beneficial insects and Monarch butterfly populations.

We at Harmoney Deicing are committed to the continued research and development of greener snow removal products and processes. If you have questions about how our products are better for the environment, contact us today.