We fight winter one storm at a time.

Harmoney Deicing Products focuses on creating custom anti icing/deicing products that preform in all winter conditions.  Our liquid products consist of salt brine, liquid calcium chloride, brine enhancers, and corrosion inhibitors  in a blend or in single form.  We carry bulk rock salt, treated rock salt plus a natural blended rock salt. Our bag ice melt line includes rock salt, calcium chloride in several percentages plus blended bag melts.    We also provide any liquid equipment you may need.  Anti-icing equipment, salt brine production, prewet kits, tanks, plus much more. Harmoney is  your ONE Solution for your winter needs!


We  also can finance your winter purchase  30,60,90 Day Terms!!





Our liquid product line ranges from the standard chloride brines and blends, but we take it a step further by adding our corrosion inhibitors from River Top Renewables.  Let us show you how to create a program to start cutting costs and add profit to the bottom line.  If your a seasoned liquid pro, then we can help create a blend that fits your needs.  Remember, Harmoney is your ONE Solution.

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Our line of bulk and bag deicers have you covered in all winter conditions.  We supply bulk rock salt, treated rock salt and a naturally blended rock salt with calcium and magnesium chloride. Our bag melts include rock salt, treated rock salt, calcium chloride in a variety of chloride percentages plus blended bag melts.    

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